Monday, August 22, 2011

Georgia Pacific Packaging and Kiosk Design

Georgia Power Kiosk Design:
Wood “Truss” cross frames connected with copper tubing which holds lighting and planters at top of unit between trusses
White trim panels at top, designed to display various Georgia Pacific Branding images/logos. Matched with white panels at the base and suspended at the end trusses.
Wood trimmed pay-station, with built in planters to house live plants.

Herman Miller Design Research & Product Design

Wedding Invitation

This is a wedding invitation mock-up I designed for my fiancĂ© and I, our fall wedding is scheduled for November 26th.

Logo Design

I based the logo and decal design on my own five year old giant schnauzer, "Apollo".  The design was commissioned by  a local breeder/trainer (Blake Rashad) in Stone Mountain GA. Also check out his online radio show at every Saturday from 10am-12pm; it is a GREAT show and he is extremely experienced and knowledgeable.